5 Para 1995

Diameter21 mm
Weight4,13 gr
In Circulation07.02.1994 - 01.05.2003
CompositionCu 75%, Zn 23%, Ni 2%
TypeCirculation issue


In the central part is a relief image of the sign of the People's Bank of Yugoslavia. Along the edge are located: at the top - an inscription in Latin "SR JUGOSLAVIJA", from below - an inscription in Cyrillic script SR JUGOSLAVIJA and framing from relief points in the amount of 52 pieces.


In the central part of the disk is a large number "1" - the denomination of the coin. Under the nominal value is the year of coinage "1994". To the left of the denomination is an inscription in Cyrillic letters "PARA" and to the right of the denomination an inscription in Latin "PARA". Circumferential along the edge of the frame of the relief points in an amount of 37 pieces.

Author: Dragomir Mileusnic.